Upcoming Workshops! (Limited Space)

Writing is a solitary act, it can make us crave attention and approval. We show things to people too soon, we want someone to tell us what we’re doing is good and worthy of our time, when reserve would suit us better. So many people have had their work damaged by the wrong words, unhelpful feedback, a discouraging remark.

It’s not my first nature, to be reserved. I’m so eager for connection, for approval, for external processing, that I have had to learn to keep my own counsel.

Protect your new ideas, your characters and words, with an eye toward what is going to be best for them. Don’t let them get trampled or bruise. There will be time to invite the world to come see what you’re doing. In the meantime, tend, care for, love what you’re working on.

Registration now open
Writing Your Life
July 2nd-7th
This is always an amazing week–Arts Week!–with lots of great stuff going. A wonderful time to be at Omega. Go here to register.

The daytime writing group is coming together and I’m aiming to launch in April. I’ve got a few spots available. If you’re interested, email me and I can give you the details.

Many of you know that I’ve gotten all fired about fiction over the past two years. I’m currently working on my second novel. I’m also developing a year-long seminar dedicated to the novel. Reading, writing, discussion, lessons, support. Email me if you’re interested. Must commit to a year (monthly meetings with assignments in between) and to writing and/or finishing a novel.