I support writers in a variety of ways: 
» One-on-one sessions for individuals or writing partners
» Weekend writing workshops (as well as workshops at outside institutions and venues)
Accountability groups that provide structure and goal setting

I’m not really a writing teacher, but rather a creative midwife who helps people get to the core of their project and process. I do this through a series of conversations, investigations, exercises and homework.

I’m a warm, insightful guide with a deep understanding of creative practice and the challenges that greet us when we endeavor to make anything. Over the years of developing my teaching practice, I’ve learned that my greatest assets are: the ability to really hear what people are saying they want to make; having a clear vision for how each person’s work can move forward, and the ability to guide them toward that.

Join me! You—and your work—will be changed, better, brighter and deeper.


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