OMEGA Workshop: Storytelling Your Life

Omega Teachers Studio
June 12-17
Members: $380 | Standard: $425

In this joyful and engaging exploration of life, designed exclusively for Omega Arts Week, award-winning storyteller Chris Wells leads you on an adventure of discovering your greatest stories. Through an evocative combination of conversations, writing prompts, and assignments designed to take you on a journey of rediscovery through the most significant events of your life, you gain practical and effective tools for making art from life experience.

OMEGA Workshop: Writing Life

Omega Teachers Studio
October 2-7
Members: $380 | Standard: $425

Be guideed through an evocative series of conversations, deep and reflective questions, and assignments that take you on a passionate journey of self-discovery.

With dynamic writing prompts and creative exercises, his expertise helps you get at what you want to write and make decisions on how to move forward. You write as much as possible over the course of the week and leave with a ton of new writing and a greater sense of yourself as an artist.
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