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“If I spent two years getting an MFA in writing, I don’t believe I’d make as much progress or gain as much confidence as I did in the 16 hours we were together. You are a master teacher and a masterful individual  whose respect for others, and delight in each person’s voice, helped me to fill my pages with words worth reading.”

Robin Lynn writer, arts management professional

“Chris Wells conducts his workshop with a healer’s heart.  He listens deeply and sees each participant with clarity and purpose.  He lives into you and your writing and nurtures both with kindness, structure, playfulness and passion.  Chris is the wise man of a writing tribe, unearthing support that is bespoke for the soul of the individual.  Your true voice as a writer will be given light and you will be gobsmacked.”

Joe Robertson writer

“What Chris Wells does is absolutely extraordinary. He’s a compassionate, creative surgeon and sorcerer who discerns the heart of a project sometimes before its creator can, and then suggests a workable, existing path forward. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Jenny Douglas writer, proprietor of The Brooklyn Cottage

“This workshop was extraordinary. Chris Wells is part poet, part mad scientist. He manages to go into work sideways and we all come out with our own yellow brick road to follow. I loved every moment.”

Heidi David writer

“Chris Wells is so good at gently but steadily nudging you to that place of clarity you can’t imagine you’ll ever reach.”

Karla Keffer zinester

“Essential for anyone who has an idea for a story…guided me to find my true voice…gave me the confidence and freedom to move forward.”

Jerome Deroy writer, proprietor, Narrativ

“Run, don’t wait, if you have the chance to work with Chris as he will – as if by magic – lead you to the core of what needs to be born, in language or song or any form that suits your fancy.”

Gina Barnett playwright, coach for TED

“Chris Wells is a midwife, nurturing and guiding with such energy, persistence and love. Thank you!”

Susan Hwang writer, performer, creator Bushwick Book Club

“Chris Wells makes a safe, creative space where artists come together, each to write his/her own truth.”

Susan Vitucci playwright

Chris Wells possesses an uncanny ability to SEE your artistic intentions and to understand what you need to push ahead. Your work will be better and deeper for having worked with Chris. “

Julie Hébert playwright/screenwriter

“Chris has the rare ability to find strengths the student isn’t even aware of and build on them…He helped me to achieve more depth in my artistic repertoire and to gain confidence as a writer and artist. If you have a chance to work with Chris, DO it!”

Dr. Dorothy Marcic playwright

“Chris Wells is one of the most insightful and inspiring teachers I know. He is both intuitive and intellectually rigorous, and his faith in the power of art elevates his teaching sessions to a kind of a happy spiritual workout.”

Heidi Shreck actress/playwright

“If you have a stalled project, a stuck idea or a bold, baby dream that needs birthing into the world, I cannot recommend Chris strongly enough.”

Colleen Wainwright writer/performer

“Because of Chris’ workshop, I had a massive breakthrough on structure. For the first time, I know explicitly (with a detailed table of contents) what I am making. My finished project is still a far shore; just innovative enough to remain interesting and elegant enough to be done. Perhaps I would’ve come to the same solution on my own, but certainly not this quickly or with such clarity. “

Melea Seward writer, consultant, performer

“I’ve taken writing workshops before and it’s all well and good to share your stuff. Chris’ workshop is different. He is innately tapped in to the creative process and brings you along. Your project takes form or, as what happened for me, whole segments get completed. I had once said to Chris that evidently I need to be in his space to get my creative projects done. That’s why I keep coming back.”

Carolyn Thornlow writer/editor, business consultant

“WRITING LIFE has been a touchstone for my current fiction project. I thrive in the safe, constructive, and creative environment that feels effortless but I can sense is carefully crafted by Chris. I find the group dynamic enriches my work and my understand and relationship with myself as a writer. I’ll continue to sign-up for future workshops as they only support and deepen my work each time. I highly recommend it!”

Tari Ayala nutritionist, writer, farmer

“Chris Wells understands the creative process –its joys, funks and kinks —  like no one else. He leads his weekend workshops like a shaman warrior bootcamp general. Which is to say, he gets the job done, providing insights, glee, discipline, ordered chaos, rigor and snacks along the way. I am so grateful to him and can’t wait to engage more with his beautiful worldview, workshops and gatherings.”

Brooke Berman playwright, essayist

“Whenever I describe Chris Wells’ teaching style I refer to him as a “Compassionate Ass-Kicker”. Chris has an innate ability to really see and hear a person, understand the trajectory of the project they’re working on, and push them toward generating content and refining their ideas. The experience of the workshop is full of love, fire, emotional connection, and commitment to writing, both specifically in regards to the participant’s current project, and to writing as a tool for life in general. I would recommend this course to anyone.”

Lynne Marie Rosenberg actress, writer, host/creator of Cast and Loose

“In Chris’ workshops, he establishes and runs the most incredible space for writing: for clarifying intentions and visions, for learning how to be as available to the work as you possibly can, and for making serious progress on a project. I attend so that I can be as accountable to my own work and imagination as possible. Every time I leave exhilarated, more clear, and a little shocked at how much the whole group has accomplished. And the group itself is always gobsmackingly great; I am moved and inspired by everyone’s work. Chris Wells is like a shepherd, a diviner, a Yoda for anyone inclined to jump deep into the blank page in front of you.”

Clayton Dean Smith actor, writer, filmmaker

“I cannot recommend Writing Life enough. Chris creates a space where it’s safe to be vulnerable and you feel heard and seen. At the same time, the highly structured format means that tons of writing gets done, so that when the workshop is over you can barely recognize your work, it’s grown so much.”

Estyn Hulbert jeweler, sculptor, writer

Chris Wells has the unique ability to hone in on what you truly need and then somehow let all the answers flow out of you. His intelligence, sensitivity and experience challenge you to transform and expand. I always begin his writing workshops feeling like a stray baby octopus in the middle of the ocean. By the end, I swim out with renewed direction, all grown & bouncy, with a new ‘tentacular’ skill set. Chris pushes me out of my comfort zones and makes me discover what my creativity is truly capable of when simultaneously unleashed and nurtured. His workshops are masterfully crafted, combining supportive exercises, free writing, directed writing, homework, sharing and reading. Allow yourself the gift of this workshop with Chris and watch yourself grow broader writing wings. “

Claire Deroy healer, bodyworker, writer

“Stuck for way too long in the pages of my writing project, I was able to blast through creative walls in Chris’s very supportive, invigorating writing workshop. Far from a lecture on writing, the 4 day intensive was the perfect balance of guidance, tips, prompts, creative brainstorming, and actual putting pen to paper for timed sessions. A great format/structure that produced results. Another plus: I met some really interesting storytellers from all walks of life that keep the energy flowing forth.  Greatly satisfying! Can’t wait to do it again! “

Laura Adam actress, performer, writer

“I have taken many writing workshops.  WRITING LIFE was special.  Anybody that struggles with diving in, who finds any old chore to distract or who lives with a gremlin voice of judgment, GO see Chris and then trust him.  He knows how to lead us to where the fairies and fantasies live and get it on the page. Go to Woodstock. I will never forget that first weekend of writing in those magical woods.  And the best part is knowing the way back, even from the 2 train.”

Kelley Parker attorney, screenwriter

“I had a heartfelt but indulgent one-act play I was working on for years. In Chris’ workshop I was able to re-imagine it and develop it into a fleshed out, two-act ensemble piece.  Now I use his techniques at home and hope to have it ready for production this year. I no longer hate my writing–rather, I’m excited to see where it will go next!”

Suzan Averitt actress, writer

“I arrived to the workshop without writing experience.  Chris has an amazing way of getting to the heart of each writer’s needs and the group atmosphere provided a supportive and safe environment to explore and take chances. By the end of the four days, I discovered my voice and left with confidence, vision and tools to help overcome roadblocks.”

Doug Reinke designer, writer

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