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The Art Life With Chris Wells

Every week I hold a conversation with a different artist—singers, writers, dancers, painters, poets and more—about their life and work. I’m interested in the ways that a creative life unfolds, the unlikely turn, the life-changing teacher, the first big gig, the times when it didn’t go the way they thought it might. Artists’ lives are threaded through with distinct moments of surprising clarity—aha!—as well as mystery. How to find one’s way when the maps don’t apply? In speaking with artists, not only am I interested in their stories and insights, I’m also after signs of what I call creative mindfulness, a practice inherent to art making: it’s the attention brought to any work of art, whether it’s a painting or a quilt, a garden or a dinner party. There are valuable lessons in the experience of the artist. The conversations we have are warm and funny and each episode is sandwiched by and punctuated with a fresh playlist.

Listen to the latest episode with Chris Wells featuring poet, Gretchen Primack | Monday, April 19