Alicia Vogl Saenz, Museum Educator/Poet/Writer/Maker

I joined Chris Wells weekly writing group shortly after lockdown. Although I have been writing poetry for over thirty years and had been published in prestigious literary journals, my writing practice was spotty. The pressure of work and self-doubt made me feel like I was a fake. Chris has an extraordinary ability to create a space and community (even through Zoom!) where writers thrive and believe in themselves. Chris’ attention to detail in critique pushes our work to new levels. His curiosity and delight are infectious. I feel safe bringing early drafts without feeling self-conscious. I have written more in the last year than in the previous twenty years. I now have a daily writing practice and revived my blog. And I feel so close to my cohort writers—we support and love each other. I honestly can’t recommend Chris enough. If writing is a seed in your heart, Chris Wells is the hothouse you need.