Ariana Johns, Producing Artistic Director

Chris Wells inspired me to take what was a bunch of notes and stories in my head and magically transform them into what’s turning out to be one of the best things I’ve ever written. As a writer, I work primarily as a playwright and lyricist, but this poetic memoir has been percolating for a long time—I just didn’t know where/how to begin. With Chris’s excellent guidance on structure and organization and insightful advice, I am confident that this is a project I will not only finish but be proud of. Even when I’ve been resistant to advice, he’s reached out and initiated discussion and listened to my concerns, so that I fully understand—and ultimately integrate—his valuable feedback, for which I am forever grateful.

His style as an instructor is intimate, honest, and energetic. I also value the feedback on other people’s work, as it’s often as illuminating and useful as receiving feedback on my own words. Overall, I find Chris to be insightful, sparkly and inspiring, and I look forward to continuing this creative journey with him. Cheers!